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Regarding the earthquake in Japan


Seco Tools have now concluded that all employees in Japan are physically well. Our thoughts go to them and the people affected by this natural disaster.

The company will continue to closely follow the development of the catastrophe, to be able to take all necessary measures.

– My thoughts go to our entire staff, with a sincere hope that the personal casualties in Japan will be much more limited compared to the replaceable material damage, says Lars Bergström, President and CEO of Seco Tools.

During Friday and Saturday Koichi Matsuda, Managing Director Seco Tools Japan, spoke to all 43 employees. During the weekend all employees were safely back in there homes.

– Our focus is now to help our employees and customers in any way we can. I am proud of how all our employees have acted during this catastrophe, says Koichi Matsuda, Managing Director Seco Tools Japan.

Seco Tools in Japan will today start contacting all major customers, and see if there are any ways we can assist them.

If there are any questions, please direct them to Peter Damberg, SVP HR or Per-Lennart Berg, Director Group Communication, telephone: +46 70 514 9040.