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TGP35 - Duratomic high-performance wear resistant CVD grade


TGP35 is a new Duratomic high-performance wear resistant CVD grade for steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The main working area is the ISO P20 area. It outperforms and upgrades our previous grade T200M.

With a wide working window, TGP35 offers higher cutting data and long predictable tool life. The new grade is suitable for dry and wet machining in steels but can also be applied as an alternative grade in stainless steel and cast iron.

Duratomic coating technology 
With improved mechanical and thermal properties far beyond the capabilities of any existing grade, Duratomic is the new insert coating technology that allows tailored design of the grade for optimal performance in every area of metalcutting. As if that wasn’t enough the Duratomic technology also offers a significant improvement in wear resistance, extreme versatility, a wide range of applications and great flexibility in cutting data.

TPG35 range
TGP35 will be offered in the same range as T200M. The grade is available in 12 different inserts from 2,5 mm to 6 mm width with chipbreakers 12, 14 and 16.


  • For wet and dry machining
  • For operations with stable conditions and high speed capabilities
  • Possibility to increase cutting data and/or tool life
  • Long tool life with Duratomic coating technology